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NAA Business Excellence programme assists MWS with mentoring for tender submission to ATS Euromaster


Tender support for MWS contract with ATS Euromaster


Motor Wheel Services (MWS) is a well-established company that specialises in the area of commercial vehicle wheels. Its core business is the supply of replacement steel wheels for trucks. It is also aiming to supply more steel wheels into original manufacturers, for both trucks and trailers. MWS can even manufacture wheels if they are no longer available. Finally, MWS markets the Xlite brand in Europe, which is a lightweight forged aluminium truck wheel.


The aim of the project was to provide independent professional consultancy to assist MWS with a tender for a new contract with ATS Euromaster.


MWS was working with ATS Euromaster prior to this tender, so it was all the more important for MWS to both retain its existing work with ATS Euromaster in order to safeguard jobs, and also ideally to increase the value of the contract in order to assist MWS to expand. The tender was in a new multi-page format that MWS wasn’t familiar with, and MWS was keen to complete the document in the correct way. Therefore it was felt that the tender submission would benefit from additional external expertise in order to ensure that it was completed as professionally as possible, so MWS sought consultancy support in the form of mentoring.


The external input into the tender was provided by Xemptor Consulting Limited, a company which specialises in procurement. Xemptor staff have experience as buyers in the industry, so the company is well placed to offer advice to businesses looking to sell to other organisations.

The approach in the tender was to work in partnership with ATS Euromaster, with MWS providing replacement wheels in connection with the fitting of commercial vehicle tyres. This would require careful stockholding of replacement wheels in centres around the UK.

Xemptor helped to ensure that MWS’s offer matched the client’s requirements, and that all questions were answered fully accurately. Critically, MWS proposed new opportunities which could help with the profitability of ATS Euromaster, as well as providing a strong safety leadership angle. As well as offering the required level of service, it was also important to ensure the business with ATS Euromaster would be profitable for MWS.As well as the tender response, MWS also produced a presentation which was professionally produced and incorporated photography of ATS Euromaster staff fitting MWS wheels, which also gained positive feedback from ATS Euromaster.


MWS was successful in being selected by ATS Euromaster and the two companies are now working together on a larger scale and with more of a partnership approach. As a result of this project, MWS developed the skill sets in-house to have the confidence to bid for projects of this scale in the future.

John Ellis, Managing Director of MWS, says:

“The business with ATS Euromaster is very important to us and so it was essential to do everything we could to win this tender. The NAA BE project assisted us to bring in Xemptor Consulting, who were able to look at the tender from an independent point of view and provide valuable assistance. In the end we won the new contract with ATS Euromaster and this will now be an important client to work in partnership with to develop business opportunities.”

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