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Keighley Laboratories Limited

Keighley Laboratories Limited is a specialist company experienced in metallurgical testing, analysis and heat treatment.  Established in West Yorkshire in 1920, our extensive portfolio of services covers a range of industries including automotive, aerospace, rail, sub-sea, marine, mining and general engineering.

Our Metallurgical Testing and Analysis Laboratories are UKAS 17025 and Nadcap (Materials Testing) accredited.  Services include:


  • Failure investigation                           –   Weld invigilation / approval
  • Mechanical testing                              –  Chemical analysis
  • Reverse engineering                           –   Metallurgical identification
  • Structural and component fatigue   –   Material overchecks
  • Product testing                                    –   Safety, quality and performance of products
  • Non-destructive testing including Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ultrasonic Flaw Detection  and Dye Penetrant testing
  • See UKAS schedule on our website for full range of services offered

Our Heat Treatment division is accredited to BSI BS EN 9100:2009; AS 9100 rev C and Nadcap (Nitriding) quality standards.  We offer extensive thermal processing services which include:


  • Induction Hardening                         –   Carburising
  • Hardening                                           –   Tufftride®
  • Nitriding                                              –   Stress Relieving
  • Atmospheric Nitrocarburising (Ferritic, Austenitic and Extended)
  • See website for full range of services offered

Keighley Laboratories has trusted experience gained through servicing products such as Engine and Powertrain applications including turbochargers, gears, shafts, pinions etc.  We provide a one stop shop for metallurgical testing, analysis and thermal processes for any industry.

See our website for full details of accreditation’s and approvals.

Keighley Laboratories Limited
Croft House
South Street
Keighley  BD21 1EG

Tel:      01535 664211

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