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Flowcrete UK Ltd

Flowcrete UK Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialist flooring solutions tailored to the demands of large-scale commercial and industrial facilities. Our range of performance floors have been installed across the automotive sector for more than 35 years.

The thought of most car workshops and garages conjures up an image of a dirty, grimy and greasy space, cluttered with mechanical detritus and posing a variety of health and safety hazards.

The oils, greases and chemicals inherent to the sector can have an adverse effect on the cleanliness, safety and appearance of the automotive sector and the floor is at the forefront of this. Automotive chemicals can affect unprotected concrete or any coating that is not able to withstand corrosive substances, as they will eat into the finish and weaken the surface. A bright, seamless, impervious and chemical resistant surface is therefore imperative to ensuring that the site can remain unblemished and hygienic.

Flowcrete UK offers a wide range of resin coatings ideally suited to the demands of the automotive market due to the non-slip, grease proof, exceptionally robust and chemical resistant nature of these floors. These include the hardwearing epoxy resin coating Flowcoat SF41, the self-smoothing Flowshield SL and the exceptionally chemical resistant Flowchem VE.

These systems have been designed to transform the workshop floor, helping to create safer, tidier and motivational working environments and a more efficient and energised workforce.

Many of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers, sellers and repairers as Bentley Motor, Ford, Jaguar, Peugeot and Vauxhall have worked with Flowcrete UK to design floor plans that incorporate texture, bright colours and signage to enhance traction underfoot, create navigational walkways and to highlight hazardous areas. Considering the appearance of the floor from this perspective can help make the site a considerably safer and more effective working environment.

Relevant Accreditations and Associated Bodies:

  • FeRFA, the Resin Flooring Association
  • CFA, the Contract Flooring Association
  • RIBA CPD Providers Network
  • RIBA NBS Plus
  • BSI ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management
  • BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • BBA Certificate 91/2678, Approval Inspection Testing Certification
  • Material Lab Showroom in London

Flowcrete UK Ltd
The Flooring Technology Centre
Booth Lane
CW11 3QF

Tel:-                      01270 753 000
Twitter                 @FlowcreteUK

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