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Alchemist Consultants Ltd

We are pleased to have incorporated the KZN Solutions brand in to a new co with a broader offer as Alchemist Consultants. The focus of Alchemist is in enabling clients to achieve Behaviour Based Operational Excellence. Alchemist is a team of leading specialists with complementary expertise and experience, specialising in systems and methods including:

  • Innovation and Operational Excellence
  • Learning and Development
  • Alchemist Mind
  • Research

What’s different though is how we blend these strands together to come up with our offer of Behaviour Based Operational Excellence. Its all about the people!

Alchemist approach differs in a number of ways:

  • People centered: from the applied research within diagnostics to addressing attitudes and behaviours within L&D programmes.
  • Measurement and ROI: from the development and use of competency frameworks, to defining and refining KPI’s, facilitating improvement.
  • Innovation based: too often innovation is left to the few when in reality it is within the reach of many, when harnessed in the right way.

The skills, knowledge and experience that you have within your current workforce is a tremendous asset. Alchemist believe that achieving ROE or return on experience is fundamental to your business transformation and for strategic advantage.

The research that underpinned the formation of Alchemist reflected client needs becoming more complex and for example: behaviours and attitudes overriding the effectiveness of processes and tools; a lack of success with Op Ex; a lack of innovation; a disconnect between research and application. And all this compounded by a loss of or under utilisation of talent.

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You are welcome to contact Alchemist MD and 07713 123865.

Alchemist Consultants Ltd.
Evolve Business Centre
Cygnet Way
Rainton Bridge South Business Park
Tyne and Wear

Investing in England's North West - European Regional Development Fund
Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham