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KZN Solutions Ltd

KZN are an automotive sector training specialist with an existing client base in the North West of England. KZN focus on Operational Excellence.  Enabling businesses to optimise leadership & management and productivity improvement.  Implementation programmes may include consultancy and skills development.  KZN utilise a hands-on industrial manufacturing and logistics training simulator where appropriate and a desktop equivalent.  Programme content may include recognised qualifications and are always results driven for ROI.  For example, with recent changes to apprenticeships KZN have a compelling levy ROI model.

KZN Solutions Ltd
Evans Incubation Centre
Durham Way South
Aycliffe Business Park
Co Durham

Contact Telephone Numbers:
Michael Bainbridge         07713 123 865
Jeff Thompson                 07905 298 480
KZN Office                         01325 328 858


Investing in England's North West - European Regional Development Fund
Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham