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Libralato Ltd

Libralato LogoEstablished in 2008 Libralato is an innovation specialist in low carbon vehicle technologies.

We have expertise, knowledge and new concepts for the development of hybrid systems, validated through European Green Cars Initiative and Innovate UK projects. Our 48V ‘Town & Country Hybrid’ powertrain project (TC48) is promoting a new paradigm of driving for the average car. In a nutshell, ‘Town & Country Hybrid’ means driving electric in urban areas whilst using the engine for higher speeds and longer distances. Simple isn’t it?

Urban speed limits around the world are c.30mph and urban driving is often much slower due to congestion. This is when any internal combustion engine is at its least efficient and most polluting. Our low power and inherently safe 48V system, using a rare-earth free SRM motor, delivers full electric driving at the lowest possible cost, with no heavy expensive battery and no range anxiety.

At speeds over 35mph, the ‘manual hybrid’ transmission seamlessly switches from the electric motor to our revolutionary Libralato Hybrid Engine; capable of diesel efficiency (40%) using gasoline, yet half the size and weight of reciprocating engines and about 30% lower cost. The TC48 system is so compact that it can fit into any engine bay (batteries included!).

The TC48 powertrain has the full range of manual gears, but the power electronics from world no.1 Infineon Technologies, switches and blends the electric motor and engine as required (without you noticing). To give an example, you start off in electric (unless you put your foot down!), you drive 15 miles electric in an urban area and then use the engine on the motorway for 100 miles. Whilst you’re on the motorway, the engine re-charges the battery, so you can go back into electric in the next town or city. If you need more power or acceleration, the electric motor and engine combine together; and you are always ‘regenerating’ your braking energy. You can charge the car at home or at work in 2 hours (cheapest) and decide how much you want to re-charge the battery as you drive along.

Libralato Ltd.
Unit 19, The Enterprise Centre
Birchvale Close,
off Royce Road
M15 5BJ

Tel:-                       0161 770 7197


Twitter:-              @Dan_Libralato

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