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LKE Group

LKE Group provides world class transport and handling solutions for wide ranging applications in diverse industrial and commercial applications, LKE Group deliver optimal materials flow solutions for diverse businesses.

The UK and Irish Operations are supported by a strong sales and service team, the emphasis lies on intralogistics, floor-to-floor and industrial solutions, where the automotive and manufacturing companies, as well as the aerospace industry, the textile industry and large-scale laundries are the focus.

The LKE Group is the only one-stop supplier for handling and logistics products in their expert business areas which are – Intralogistics, Distribution and “Floor-to-Floor” logistics as well as Clean-room equipment with a huge range of sophisticated aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel transport solutions.

In some application areas, the company group – in spite of its relatively young history – has already established itself as the global market leader in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries as well as other demanding manufacturing sectors, “Milk Run Trains” with individually designed trailer types are manufactured by LKE to deliver a smooth supply and distribution circuit in production logistics to iconic premier manufacturing companies such as Porsche and Bosch.

Tugger train systems are now an indispensable part of the modern industrial production; they increase the delivery frequency in the internal transport of materials and goods, and form a modern lean production concept.

LKE products are also for mail and parcel distribution similarly the pattern repeats when it comes to designing state-of-the-art material supply systems, there is no better alternative to the use of LKE’s transport trolleys and trailer solutions; even in hygiene-sensitive or potentially explosive industrial areas, transport and handling systems made by LKE Group are considered unbeatable. They exceed all specified safety standards for the use in these highly sensitive areas.

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Simran Bourne

Major postal organisations rely on LKE products when it comes to handling mail and parcel operations. Products such as roller cages for parcels and letters, parcel trolleys and mail delivery carts are being used extensively in the day-to-day operations of global postal organisations; Here LKE is a competent and professional partner.

The key to the enormous company growth in the past years has been a strong focus on consulting, service, research and development. The use of the latest 3D CAD systems in the group’s development department makes it possible to meet individual customer requests in all their complexity and with the utmost precision.

205 Century Buildings
Summer Road
L3 4BL

0330 123 38098
07774 677711

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