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Steeleson Engineering

Steeleson Engineering Ltd are based in Preston and offer rapid prototyping of exhaust components and systems

Services include
• A high-quality rapid prototyping service for exhaust systems and components and general fabricated components in either one-off’s or vert     small batches
• Bespoke exhaust systems or components for prototype or niche vehicles
• Bespoke exhaust systems for engine testing projects
• Excellent supply chain for bespoke engineering services, for example, 3D metal printing of highly complex components
Steeleson would like to work with members in collaborative projects i.e. Innovate UK projects, where Steeleson Engineering could provide the prototyping capability to the project.

Their main customers are currently major premium Automotive OEM’s, but currently the orders are only being raised by a few individuals in those companies who have a long-standing working relationship with Steeleson Engineering. They would like to widen their contacts in these key organisations to grow the business.

They specialise in fast lead time work – were clients are looking for the quickest service and prepared to pay a premium to save time.

Contact details
Who? Ian Banister
Tel 01772 682410 Mob 07954 369923


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