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In the Driving Seat: Thomas Hughes, Business Development Director, Wynne Aviation

Tom Hughes, Business Development Director, Wynne Aviation, recently hosted the NAA for an event at the company’s Liverpool Airport site, and he never mentioned anything about Dungeons & Dragons…

Thomas Hughes

Wynne Aviation

Business Development Director

Apart from that
Director of The Freight Centre (Logistics)

Association with the NAA
We are fairly new to the NAA, but are keen to be involved as much as we can.

Why did you join the NAA?
We wanted to network with the automotive clusters, so the NAA was our first port of call.

Uncle, Cycling, Dungeons & Dragons (yes I know!), music & movies

Favourite football team

Blink 182

Fight Club

The Fall of Reach

Best motoring moment
Lapping my friend Chris at the go karting track, after him and all my friends bet he could beat me. Not one of them thought I would win, his face as I went past (again) was amazing.

Best business advice you’ve ever received?
Fail faster

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