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Low Carbon Innovation in the NW

There are a growing number of organisations in the North West that are involved in low carbon vehicle activity. These include:


ACAL is developing platinum free catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells, that will reduce cost and improve durability when compared with traditional fuel cells.

Assembly Solutions

Assembly Solutions manufactures wiring harnesses for electric and hybrid vehicles

Automotive Comms

Automotive Comms specialises in strategic marketing and communication consultancy in the low carbon vehicle sector, and also runs the website

Bentley Motors

Bentley is involved in a range of low carbon initiatives, including the development of plug-in capability, engine downsizing and cylinder deactivation technology.

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Ltd

BAC is developing lighter weight components for its single-seater Mono, such as carbon ceramic brake discs in partnership with North West-based company Surface Transforms.

Clean Air Power

Clean Air Power is a global leader in the development of diesel compression-ignited natural-gas systems for heavy-duty on- and off-highway diesel engine applications worldwide.

EA Technology

EA Technology is leading the £9m Ofgem-funded My Electric Avenue project, which is trialling a solution to help prevent the local electricity network becoming overloaded as clusters of plug-in vehicles develop.

Eaton Corp

Eaton Ltd (Commercial Vehicle Transmissions) develops high performance driveline system solutions for fuel efficient Trucks and Buses.

Far UK

Far UK advises on the use of composite components within the automotive industry, resulting in weight and emissions savings.

General Motors

General Motors is currently developing the all-new Vauxhall Astra which will feature new engines and lower emissions than the previous model.

GETRAG Ford Transmissions

GETRAG is developing new, more efficient transmissions which help to reduce vehicle emissions.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

Jaguar Land Rover is working on various new technologies to reduce the emissions of its models, including hybrids, lightweighting, and more efficient conventional engines and gearboxes.

Libralato Ltd

Libralato Ltd is an innovation specialist in low carbon vehicle technologies, with new solutions for low cost hybrid systems, validated through European Green Cars Initiative and Innovate UK projects.  The Libralato rotary hybrid engine represents an historic breakthrough in automotive engine design; solving the efficiency, sealing and emissions problems of the Wankel rotary engine from the 1950s.

Leyland Trucks Ltd

Leyland Trucks developed the DAF LF Hybrid truck which was introduced in 2010. This technology gave lower carbon emissions and improved fuel economy. The vehicle was a 12t GVW chassis which was exported to countries all around Europe and as far as Taiwan.

mi Technology

mi Technology is actively working with partners on hybrid vehicle programmes, bio-fuel and other alternative fuel initiatives.

NGF Europe

NGF EUROPE is at the forefront in the design, manufacture and marketing of specialised glass cord used for the reinforcement of synchronous drive belts. These small filament diameter glass cords are changing the way engines are designed, resulting in greener more fuel efficient cars.

NGF EUROPE works closely with its customers to provide unique added value products one of which is the belt-in-oil, a sustainable alternative to chain offering reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.


Oaktec is a low carbon innovation company involved in a number of low carbon hybrid powertrain and vehicle projects. Oaktec recently developed Pulse-R a prototype, low cost high efficiency gas engine that was the national winner of the 2014 Shell Springboard competition for the UK’s most promising low carbon business idea. Pulse-R is delivering excellent results in testing and commercial partners are now being sought for high volume manufacture.

Performance Springs

Performance Springs specialises in the design and development of high efficiency engine valve and fuel injection springs, utilising the most advanced materials for lightweighting and optimising dynamic response for increased engine valvetrain efficiency, lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption and improved reliability.


In 2011 the Carlisle factory was awarded an RGF grant for developing the manufacturing of a range of ‘Green Performance’ SUV tyres – branded as ‘Scorpion Verde’ – which improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.


Sigmatex manufactures carbon fibre that assists with vehicle lightweighting and therefore emissions reduction.


Simmal manufactures aluminium which is used in vehicle structures to help with vehicle lightweighting, so resulting in lower emissions.


Torotrak develops and manufactures Infinitely Variable transmission systems for all types of vehicles, and the company now includes Flybrid’s flywheel technology.

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