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Brace Technology

Company Name:
Brace Technology Ltd

Where are you based?
Wigan, Greater Manchester

What do you do?
Focus on automotive development projects, Primarily EV battery technologies.
Specialising in motorcycle applications, integration, and design.

What markets are you in?
Motorcycle Design & Development
Energy Storage and Integration.
EV Technology

What can you offer to NAA members?
Motorcycle engineering, design and innovation support.
Modular configurable battery systems enabling simple integration into vehicle platforms.

How would you like to work with members?
Collaborate on forward looking research and development projects.
Offer design and engineering support for automotive applications, particularly related to motorcycles.

 What is your unique offer?
Specialism in 2-wheel design and technology

 Have you got any examples of work you would like to share?
PowerPOD modular configurable battery system for use on and off vehicles as standalone energy sources or as part of a connected cluster.

Contact Details
Christofer Ratcliffe
Tel: 01942 724059

European Social Fund
Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham