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    E4-3D Engineering for Additive Manufacturing


    Background: In brief

    E4-3D Engineering start up in April 2019 in England UK, employs 5 team members and have offices in Luanda, Angola and Vitoria, Gasteiz – Basque Country.


    Deploy new business models with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for Digital supply chains, providing effective logistic management, fast delivery time and reduced Co2

    Our mission: Lead the global transition to digital supply chain for manufacturing industries, developing an innovative e-commerce platform connected with customers and suppliers delivering local products and services. In this way we can change the world by offering an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing and distribution systems.


    Where are you based?

    Ec2 Enterprise Centre, Blackpool


    What do you do?

    E-commerce marketplace for 3D printed automotive spare parts


    What markets are you in?

    Automotive; Consumer Goods; Energy and Medical Devices


    What can you offer to NAA members?

    A new business model to sell and distribute automotive spare parts that:

    Save Money

    • – 90% cost saving by eliminating all inventory holding costs and reduced transportation
    • 100% product availability

    Increase Profit

    • +114% by selling a digital part design file.

    Reduce carbon footprint and minimize the climate change risks

    • Co2 reduction by producing spare parts at local 3D printing service provider

    How would like to work with members?

    I would like to invite the members to participate in a testbed and implement the secure design marketplace business model concept.


    What is your unique offer?

    iCarPieces is the first platform that secure sells digital design files of car parts that are tested and certified to be printed on-demand, on-location.


    Have you got any examples of work you would like to share?

    Blockchain, AI based- digital supply chain for spare parts providing effective logistic management, fast delivery time and reduced Co2

    Working with a pioneering brand in the supply of 3D parts, who already have 7,000 parts digitalized and tested for 3D printing.  In the future, their customers will be able to purchase 3D printing licences via the e-commerce portal and have the corresponding parts produced via a certified 3D printing centre.

    E4-3D Integrates the IP infrastructure for the printing license management of design files based on blockchain technology

    This system will also integrate the advantages of manufacturing on-demand (MOD) with e-commerce for additive manufacturing, with both end-user requirements and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) intellectual property protections.


    Contact Details

    Irma Gilbert


    Website: www.e4-3d .com

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham