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    Electrified Automation


    Company Name

    Electrified Automation


    Electrified Automation are transforming business models globally with their disruptive approach to electric motor manufacturing from their base in Somerset.

    The team at Electrified have over 15 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of electric motors covering a variety of technologies across a range of end user markets. Now Electrified is focused on creating innovative manufacturing processes to overcome some of the key challenges in electric motor manufacturing such as:

    • Coil Winding
    • Coil Connections
    • Stator Moulding
    • Rotor Assembly

    As well as creating the processes Electrified design and produce the automated equipment to support these processes enabling OEMs to adopt into their own manufacturing lines.

    What can you offer to NAA members?

    Electrified can offer our experienced team to help organisations overcome any challenges they are facing with Electric motor manufacturing.

    How would you like to work with members?

    Electrified would like to work with companies that are involved with the electric motor design, manufacture and supply of. This could range from OEMs producing motors through to suppliers manufacturing components such as laminations.

    Electrified would like to work with like-minded companies that are passionate about accelerating the move towards electrification


    Contact Details

    Contact: Jim Winchester


    Tel: +44 1278 554777


    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham