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    LiNa Energy


    Where are you based?

    LiNa Energy’s new testing and production laboratories and offices are located on the White Cross Business Park in central Lancaster

    What do you do?

    LiNa is a developer of innovative solid-state sodium battery systems for EV and stationary storage applications

    What markets are you in?

    LiNa is targeting end-users in EV and stationary storage sectors

    What can you offer to NAA members?

    LiNa can offer advantaged access to solid-state performance, low-cost and inherently safe battery modules.

    How would you like to work with members?

    • In 2022, LiNa will seek to form joint collaboration agreements with potential end-users to optimise our cells and modules into packs and systems that meet end-user requirements
    • Longer-term, LiNa will develop partnerships for mass-scale manufacturing in the North West, including investment opportunities

    What is your unique offer?

    LiNa’s batteries are lithium- and cobalt-free, and are available via globally-diverse and transparent supply chains. LiNa’s battery technology is on track to break through lithium-ion’s energy-density ceiling. We will be offering technology for customer validation in 2022 and modules for trials in real-world conditions from 2023 onwards

    Have you got any examples of work you would like to share?

    • LiNa’s key cell component was independently validated by Imperial College after trials in commercial conditions in 2021
    • LiNa will show case its technology at two open days in 2022

    Contact Details

    Will TOPE – Business Development Manager


    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham