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    Where are you based?

    NanoSUN is based in Lancaster, UK.


    What do you do?

    NanoSUN is an award-winning SME focused on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of mobile hydrogen refuelling solutions for use within the Transportation Industry. We aim to accelerate hydrogen use with our innovative technologies by bridging the gap between the hydrogen supply industry and the needs of end users for convenient, low cost, simple-to-use and safe fuelling systems.


    What markets are you in?

    Our core focus is to assist the transport industry in its transition to sustainable hydrogen energy. We do this by providing mobile hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy-duty vehicles; delivering a reliable refuelling infrastructure for early fleets to test and adopt hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel.

    NanoSUN’s Pioneer Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Station is a fully mobile, self-contained, automated refuelling system that offers an affordable way of delivering transportation-grade hydrogen directly to the point of use, where it is dispensed into hydrogen powered vehicles on-site.

    With the mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station, NanoSUN provides a pivotal step in reducing hydrogen refuelling costs and further driving industry innovation to accelerate the roll out of heavy-duty, hydrogen fleets in the thousands over the coming years; displacing the use of fossil fuels and supporting decarbonisation in hard-to-abate industries.

    NanoSUN is not restricted to any one sector. Our Pioneer Stations are also available for use in a wide range of vehicle applications such as buses, material handling equipment and construction.


    What can you offer to NAA members?

    As a rapid-growth SME founded by veterans of the industrial gases and hydrogen fuel-cell industries, we hold a team of highly experienced industry professionals that can assist and support NAA members in understanding and delivering the needs and demands of the transport industry as it transitions to sustainable hydrogen energy.

    From established engineers and scientists to inventive graduates and industry analysts, NanoSUN’s team dedicates its extensive knowledge and expertise in the development and advancement of refuelling technology to fulfilling the needs of hydrogen users.

    Whist fixed hydrogen refuelling stations can deliver high-pressure refuelling performance, they are just not practical for those in need of a reliable, cost effective and quick to deploy refuelling system that will enable the fast introduction of hydrogen vehicle fleets.

    We are dedicated to supporting and collaborating with customers and members to overcome this challenge; working together to develop the distribution and refuelling infrastructure needed to transfer hydrogen from production sites and into our vehicles.



    Contact Details

    Natalie Leyne

    Marketing & Communications Specialist



    Charlie Clegg

    Sales & Marketing Director

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham