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    Spark EV Technology

    Spark EV Technology seeks to accelerate the mass adoption of e-mobility – from e-bikes to electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Its unique AI technology delivers highly accurate and personalised range prediction for all types of electric vehicles, providing the end-user with the relevant information about their upcoming journey, and trustworthy information about how far they can travel before their vehicle needs recharging.

    Current range predictions (how far an electric vehicle can travel on a single charge) provided by some vehicle manufacturers can be up to 100% inaccurate, meaning many motorists are hesitant about going fully electric when choosing their next vehicle. This is a major barrier that the industry needs to overcome if e-mobility is to be mass adopted. Spark’s goal is to irradicate range anxiety in end users by providing accurate onboard range prediction technology to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

    Spun out of the Cambridge Judge Business School in early 2017, Spark EV Technology has since expanded globally, collaborating with brands such as BP, Honda, and Hyundai.


    Contact: Justin Ott


    T: 01223 781 200

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham