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    Thriiive UK


    Thriiive was conceived after many years of experience in manufacturing operations improvement to support loss of manufacturing planning skills and best use of existing systems to maintain a good understanding of cost control and inventory management.

    Based in Castletown, Isle of Man, we support manufacturers to improve delivery performance and release cash from their inventory using a unique technology that enables them to develop World Class operations management processes to APICS standards.

    Our approach is applicable to all UK high value-added manufacturing sectors, including aerospace and automotive.

    Thriiive support manufacturing businesses in all sectors to develop World Class operational management skills, business processes and best use of systems.

    We have developed a unique technology that critically analyses operational data in any manufacturing planning / ERP system.

    A light touch audit supports a comprehensive, end to end operations improvement agenda, prioritised to enable cash release from inventory and delivery performance improvement at the earliest.

    Companies follow the agenda at their own pace to fit in with their other imperatives. Easily achieved benefits are released within a few months with full benefits realised over 12-18 months with improvements and further opportunities monitored ongoing.

    We have documented client engagements that illustrate the clear benefits of our approach that can be shared with interested manufacturers.

    Transparent Factory, a regularly updated visual representation of the factory, shows where the ERP system believes batches should be with critical appraisal where there is doubt, highlighting where schedule maintenance and management action on poorly firing business processes may be required.

    We would like to engage NAA member manufacturers to demonstrate how we can benefit them directly and others more widely.

    Contact Details:

    Ian Shirley

    T: 01624 823603


    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham