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    YOYO MultiDrops

    Where are you based?

    Birkenhead, Wirral

    What do you do?

    We manufacture and supply the YOYO MultiDropsTM system, a greener solution, saving time and money and driving up efficiency savings for Chassis Van LCV owners, delivery companies and hauliers.

    YOYO MultiDrops gives an LCV the advantage of a smooth demount of the body to the ground and the pickup of another load or body type, all in the space of a couple of minutes.

    The safe mounting and demounting of loads takes as little as 80 seconds, meaning you can streamline drive times and driver schedules, keep the vehicle on the road for maximum productivity and offer a range of vehicle types or specialist designs for the same chassis. Floor level loads and more stable portable temporary accommodation are also given a boost by YOYO MultiDrops.

    What markets are you in?

    The system is suitable for any existing or new 3.5t Chassis Cab Van Light Commercial Vehicles whether they be diesel, petrol or electric (up to 4.25t).

    It allows vehicles to become multi-purpose, drop empty loads, pick up full loads, or swap loads to electric vehicles for last mile deliveries in zero emission zones making the YOYO MultiDrops system a groundbreaking new step towards a greener society.

    • No waiting for loading or unloading, keeping the cab on the road.
    • Enabling safer and easier ground level LCV body use.

     What can you offer to NAA members?

    Our technology is proven to dramatically improve the efficiency and usability of LCVs.

    We’ve calculated that over 3 years, investment in the system with 3 loadframes – which could be three different types – can save over £120,000 compared with the cost of buying and operating three different vehicles.

    NAA members will be given a priority service from YOYO MultiDrops for demos and other requirements. A referral scheme is in place for any recommendations members make which result in subsequent sales.

    How would you like to work with members?

    Engage, partner and learn how YOYO MultiDrops can meet their needs and those of fleet and LCV owners.

    What is your unique offer?

    YOYO MultiDrops is a patented unique system which has taken into account over 60 British, European and international ISO standards, plus a number of directives and has been tested in the field over the last 2 years.

    YOYO’s disruptive technology for a more efficient transportation solution has been subject to an independent legislation review by Horiba MIRA and a range of physical tests by a selection of notified bodies, this is in addition to an extensive F.E.A. crash analysis modeling process

    The two main structural components, namely the chassis frame and load frame, have been designed to withstand all the forces that the system is expected to experience in the field, whilst complying with both LCV manufacturers’ guidelines and VCA regulations.

    The system is self-monitoring to ensure safe operation in a smooth, controlled action and comes with a host of additional safety features.

    Have you got any examples of work you would like to share?

    We have just taken our first orders for the system with 3 main dealers across the UK.  We have existing relationships with all the major LCV suppliers, in particular,  Ford, Maxus and Nissan including electric model options.

    Contact Details

    Contact : Derek Bowes


    Tel: 0151 647 6771


    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham