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Tooling Finance, Specialist Finance for UK Manufacturers

Why ‘Tooling Finance’?

The automotive industry is extremely important to the UK both as a major employer and also as one of the largest manufacturing sectors. As a consequence it creates and sustains strong supply chains involving many British companies. RBS is committed to supporting the industry and its supply chains with innovative funding solutions such as Tooling Finance.

Tooling Finance from RBS has been specially produced for manufacturers within, or supplying, the automotive industry who require support for the purchase of ‘bespoke’ tooling. The average car contains a large number of parts – many generic but a large number of bespoke parts too which are designed specifically for a certain model. These bespoke parts require a bespoke tool (i.e. a template or mould) to be produced, which can be expensive to source and often takes time to manufacture by a specialist tooling supplier.

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