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    Energy Partner

    The NAA is pleased to announce that it is working with Business Wise Solutions to help companies buy better and use less when it comes to their energy.  

    Following a detailed Procurement Exercise, the NAA selected Business Wise Solutions as the best fit for its members’ needs for the following reasons:

    • High quality service
    • Unique approach to reducing energy consumption through behavioural changes
    • Commitment to the promoting the use of Green Energy

    Business Wise Solutions

    Changing the way businesses buy and manage energy, Business Wise Solutions provides expert energy buying and management solutions, helping large energy users reduce costs and consumption in a complex and evolving market.

    As experts in energy and with a proven track record in the manufacturing sector, Business Wise Solutions understands the pain points of the automotive industry and takes a tailored approach when partnering with clients, to identify the best solution to reduce overheads.

    NAA Member Benefits

    • 20% discount for ‘Energy Insights’ – offers complete visibility of your energy usage; from site level right down a single piece of equipment or device, giving you the energy intelligence you need to reduce wasted power and improve operational efficiency.  Note: can be 50% match funded through ‘Made Smarter’.

    To find out more about how we can help change the way your business buys and manages energy, submit an enquiry below.

      European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
      Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham