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Fylde CNC expands into production of complex parts

fylde-cnc-case-study-logoAbout Fylde CNC

Fylde CNC is a sub-contract precision CNC machining company based in Kirkham, near Preston in Lancashire. The business has a modern, world-class manufacturing facility, with the latest CNC machinery and CNC precision metrology machines, allowing real-time measurement and testing of products being manufactured on its lines. This means that defects are virtually eliminated, resulting in the highest possible quality products, greater efficiency, and lower costs. Fylde CNC manufactures a range of components for many of the world’s top automotive brands and Tier 1s, as well as other sectors such as aerospace, medical, hydraulics and pneumatic.

Investment leads to growth

In addition to manufacturing many products in millions of units, Fylde CNC has recently made a major investment into a new division of its business which specialises in the manufacture of complex CNC parts in lower volumes.

The company is able to measure complex parts on the machine by using in-cycle Renishaw probing technology, and using a Faro Arm allows easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, CAD comparison and dimensional analysis.

With the use of a Faro Arm, Fylde is able to generate missing CAD files, allowing rapid digitisation of parts which can then be reproduced.

Rapid prototyping capability allows Fylde to turn great ideas into successful products faster than ever before. With the ability to start producing one-offs, the risk of faults and usability issues can be identified earlier to avoid problems that might occur during the manufacturing process. Components that previously may have required three or four separate processes can now be manufactured by Fylde CNC in one process, resulting in significant cost savings.

The Fylde CNC factory features state-of-the-art advanced multi-tasking machining, delivering maximum versatility, high precision and throughput for medium to large complex parts. The company combines the capabilities of high-powered turning centres and full-function machining centres to produce parts in single set-ups. This machine configuration works to minimise fixtures, tools, handling and non-cut time.

Additionally, the machines bring dramatic reductions in lead-time and improve part accuracy through the elimination of multiple set-ups. With full 5-axis machining capability, the machines easily process fully prismatic parts from solid blocks or castings (chucked or bar fed), round parts, or highly contoured parts.

Support that Fylde CNC has received

Fylde CNC was achieving successful organic growth over a number of years. In 2014 the company was put in touch with Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) member and Business Excellence supplier Automotive Comms, through another NAA member. It was identified that Fylde CNC would benefit from marketing advice and support to help the company make the most of additional opportunities in the automotive industry. The NAA provided funding towards a marketing consultancy project, delivered by Automotive Comms, through the ERDF-funded Business Excellence programme. The project looked at Fylde CNC’s overall marketing strategy and then subsequently at specific elements of marketing including website, presentations and brochures. The budget for the entire marketing project was in the region of £15,000. Since the new marketing strategy was implemented, Fylde CNC has won well over £2 million of new business, it has invested around £1 million in new machinery, and staff numbers have grown from 30 to 46.

The company has also secured £120,000 of funding from the Regenerate Pennine Lancashire Business Growth Fund.

Fylde CNC has also been in touch with the Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO) to explore ways in which the organisation can assist the company.

Future plans

Fylde CNC sees its growth continuing, with increasing sales leading to more investment to allow for the purchase of more machines. Also, only a few years after moving to larger premises, plans are now underway for expansion of the new factory.



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