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    Auto Forum & Business Day

    Start date: 03/12/2013

    We have a pleasure of informing you, that this year Auto Forum & Business Day will be held on the 3rd – the 5th of December in Wroclaw.

    Auto Forum is the first open automotive conference organised in Poland which, all along since the year 2002, has always put representatives of the industry together and inspired those willing to organise similar events.

    Business Day is already known to many companies in Europe ’cause of business meetings for automotive industry, organized since 2007.

    Striving to expand our offering, we have proposed a new format this year, namely a combination of two separate projects: a conference and B2B meetings.

    Throughout a one-day automotive conference, during the Auto Forum conference, we would like to share with the participants some insights into the problems of the automotive industry condition and forecasts for the nearest future.

    In the evening of 3rd December, to conclude the conference, the Auto Forum Gala will be held allowing us to award selected persons/companies in recognition of their contribution to the development of the automotive sector.

    The second and the third day will serve the purposes of a business conference, most of you are already familiar with, known as Business Day 2013, the goal of which is to associate potential business partners, recognise the collaboration potential or exchange significant. business information you will hardly find on your partners’ websites, and all that during B2B meetings. On the third event day, you will have an opportunity to finalise your individual business talks.

    To find out more about the events or to register, please feel invited to visit our new website.

    Link to Event Flyer

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham