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    Defence Technology Road Show Manchester

    Start date: 28/03/2014
    Cost: £50 +Vat per Company

    Showcase your technology and products to the US and their Prime Contractors including Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

    The UKTI DSO, in association with the Defence Trade Office (DTO), MIDAS, The University of Manchester and other partners are organising a UK Tour to highlight niche technology to the US Department of Defence (DoD) and to facilitate the initial contact between UK suppliers and US organisations open to acquiring UK equipment.

    This Roadshow is a unique opportunity for supply chain companies to promote their technologies, components, software and services to some of the largest US primes in those sectors.

    The Roadshow will be in Manchester on the 28 March 2014. MIDAS and the UKTI would like to invite you to attend this event. The US organisations would particularly like to see companies who can provide solutions to the key technology requirementsdetailed here.  

    1-2-1 Meetings with Buyers

    You can request a series 1-2-1 sessions to meet and sell directly to buyers.

    Current buyers include: Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, the DoD Comparative Technology Office (including the US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corps, Naval Aviation and Special Operations Command), the Office of Naval Research, the US Army International Technology Centre (Atlantic), the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), the Office of Defense Cooperation of the US Embassy as well as representatives from the Defence Trade Office and JGW International.

    There is a charge of £50 + VAT per company to attend; each company is limited to two attendees(names and details of attendees must be confirmed prior to the event to attend this event, to cover sundries).

    Companies wishing to participate should complete and return the Application Form by no later than midday 3 March 2014 (companies will be contacted for payment separately).

    Click here for the application form.

    Companies who have equipment relevant to the attached ‘wish list’ will be given priority for the 1-2-1 meetings, though every effort will be made to support all attendees. If the event is over-subscribed, companies will be selected in order of relevance. All companies are asked to complete a quad chart (click here for examples) if they wish to have a 1-2-1 and return it with their completed form.

    Further enquiries and completed applications should be sent to

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham