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    Implementation. Maintenance. Effectiveness. Effective closure of system related non-conformities

    Start date: 16/04/2015
    Cost: Free Webinar, Register via Link

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    With certification schemes such as the global specification ISO/TS16949 for the automotive industry, there is increasing pressure on organisations to apply effective problem solving techniques to address internal and external system related non-conformities. Failure to do this effectively and prevent reoccurrence can result in organisations losing their certification. While many organisations have effective techniques for solving product related complaints and non-conformities, they do not effectively apply the same techniques to system issues.

    Apply effective problem solving techniques.  Find the root cause of issues. Develop effective system issue resolution.

    The webinar, hosted by Industry Forum’s Paul Hardiman, will focus on:

    • The rules related to nonconformity closure
    • Techniques that can be used to find the root cause of issues
    • Show worked examples of both good and bad application
    • Give auditors guidance on what to look for

    If you would like further information please visit 

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham