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    Institute of Spring Technology – Sales & Live Marketing Mini Masterclass, 19 March 2015, Solihull

    Start date: 19/03/2015

    Meet up with the Institute of Spring Technology and some real experts in Sales and Marketing:

    Kate Peacock, Enthios Training & Development

    Kate Peacock is a Director of Enthios Training & Development Ltd. A business professional with a track record of building relationships at all levels and establishing needs to meet business solutions.  Outstanding influencing and listening skills combined with a creative flair have led to proven results with both customers and suppliers (UK and overseas) through identifying opportunities and turning them to commercial advantage. Experience in manufacturing, retail, financial, media and service sectors working to meet fast moving targets.

    She is involved in the management of the business and delivery of training, coaching and facilitation to key clients.  Building a robust client base and delivering outstanding development which results in positive outcomes and repeat business for all concerned.

    1. Establish the link between what you sell and what customers buy.
    2. Sell in a way that motivates your prospect or customer to say yes.
    3. Build lasting relationships that deliver repeat business. and Live Marketing:

    John Blaskey, founder and CEO of The Exhibition Agency

    John Blaskey is an international exhibition consultant with nearly 40 years’ industry experience. He is a pioneer of exhibiting effectively, challenging and modifying his clients’ exhibition strategy to ensure they gain the most from their investment. John works on the premise that businesses grow by developing long term relationships. Beyond internet and web marketing, face-to-face is the acknowledged way to initiate and develop these relationships, working in sync with a company’s business plan.

    John’s humorous, intuitive and challenging speaking style – illustrated with slides of the great and ghastly at exhibitions – proposes many unusual and counterintuitive techniques and tactics; all proven to deliver.

    How to build the bridge from the booth to the business, for open minded, uncertain, but ambitious exhibitors and prospective exhibitors!

    Masterclass in Sales and Live Marketing

    When:  19th March 2015
    10am – 4pm
    including buffet lunch and networking

    IWMA – Wellington House
    Starley Way
    Birmingham International Park
    B37 7HB

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