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    JIG / NW Annual Lecture 2013, Water and Electricity Do Mix!

    Start date: 10/12/2013

    Tuesday, 10th Dec, 2013- 6 pm-tea / coffee and 6:30-start of lecture

    NBS G.35 – Lecture Theatre 6
    Manchester Metropolitan University

    Topic & brief introduction:
    Water and Electricity Do Mix!

    An introduction to NEMO Link – Mark Pearce, Project Director

    Nemo Link® is the name of the project to install the UK’s first electricity interconnector with Belgium. It is a joint project between National Grid Nemo Link Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Grid plc and the Belgian transmission system operator, Elia.

    The Nemo interconnector will consist of high voltage direct current (hvdc) subsea and underground cables connected to a converter station and an electricity substation in each country,

    Nemo Link will have a capacity of 1,000MW and will be 130km in length connecting the high voltage electricity transmission system in Great Britain at Richborough in Kent and the Belgian transmission system in Zeebrugge.

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham