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    NOEE:- Creating an Engagement Culture – The Leadership Conference

    Start date: 11/06/2015
    Cost: Booking Required via Link, Download Event Details for further information and Event Pricing

    Employee Engagement. So you have read the theory. You’ve seen the evidence.. But what can you do? Cathy Brown, Director, Engage for Success will reveal how…

    Cathy Brown, Director, Engage for Success – will be speaking on Employee Engagement, So you have read the theory. You’ve seen the evidence. You’d like to increase commitment of your employees to your organisation

    First, though, are you willing to do things differently in your organisation? and you yourself? Organise your day differently, do different things?  Some people are comfortable in their style of working and don’t want to change.  You might have to, if you want your staff to be more engaged, so they can see more of you and hear from you.

    Ask yourself, do your staff know your plans for the organisation? How will they benefit? what might they be worried about? What are their ideas? How do they know you have listened to them and heard what they have to say? Are you involving them in the decisions you are taking, so they are shaping the future with you? Are you defining success together, and celebrating your achievements and sharing the rewards.

    Speakers include:

    • Cathy Brown, Director, Engage for Success
      “Building Better Places to Work”
    • Simon Cyhanko & Andrew Ledger, Works Managers, Northumbrian Water Limited
      Treat it Right: an innovative approach to achieving industry leading water quality”
    • Peter Neville Lewis, PrincipledConsulting
      “The Moral DNA”

    Workshops from

    • Jill Johnston – TQMI
    • Rob Northfield – 2 Inspire
    • Helen Corlett – Human Synergistics
    • Ray Pendleton, Thirsty Horses Solutions

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    North of England Excellence
    The Leadership Conference
    Thursday 11 June 2015, 0900 hrs – 1630
    The Leeds Club
    LS1 6JL,

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    International Business Centre
    Delta Crescent
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