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    Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications and Human Relations

    The above course, formerly known as “How to be an Effective Leader” has now gone online.

    Due to the current restrictions in place in many areas of the UK, this course will be held via the Webex platform over 4 weeks (2 x 3 hr sessions per week) – see below for next start date.

    Who should attend?

    Anyone who has responsibility for people management and leadership. From Team leader to General Manager

    What are the objectives?

    This is a programme designed to empower and enable line managers to do the leadership side of their role more effectively. Our goal is that programme delegates take more ownership and responsibility for their own actions and behaviours and for problems that arise in their teams and their function.

    Self Confidence and Agility: In our last programme there was a huge increase in self-confidence where programme delegates felt more empowered to make their own decisions, take more ownership for their work and feel more confident to be able to deal with change at work. Because people were more confident, they were more agile in their approach taking away procrastination and hesitation that can slow people down.

    People Skills: Leadership and Management is all about people. This programme delivers a practical tool kit that will enable people to build more trust in their teams, create more engagement and be better at influencing rather than telling.

    Leadership: As we know Leadership is not a title, it’s a state of mind. Middle managers have a huge part to play in the leadership of the company and we will empower them to see themselves more as leaders and understand their role in making leadership happen in their teams and organisations.

    Problem Solving: Even though many people know the answer, they don’t take ownership of solving problems as they ultimately don’t want to be accountable for the result. This programme provides practical simple steps to solving problems and taking ownership for resolution and deployment.  As part of the programme there is a work-based improvement project to work on that will deliver sustainable improvements in the workplace. This project will be chosen between programme delegate working in conjunction with their line managers. These projects are designed to create greater agility and capacity or reduce costs and waste.

    Resilience and Change: All organisations are changing at a rapid pace. Change is inevitable and people need to be agile and resilient so that they can adapt to fast changing environments. We can’t always get what we want and sometime have to see the bigger picture. The ability to recover from setbacks is a crucial part of being in a middle manager role.

    After the 3 months of the programme delivery there is a 30 day follow up (on line) with the programme trainer to ensure at work application and create accountability for change.

    Topics covered:

    Engage & Influence People

    • Build more trust and stronger relationships with others
    • Be better at engaging and get more co-operation, buy in and support from others
    • Work effectively with people with different attitudes
    • Find more agreeable ways to deal with difficult people issues
    • Make other people feel valued and appreciated in their work

    Be A Role Model

    • Motivate and inspire people
    • Set the standard for the company values and behaviours
    • Be a great coach and develop others in the business
    • Create a positive environment in my work place
    • Lead and manage change effectively


    • Engage and inspire others through effective communication
    • Communicate with greater impact and more clarity
    • Sell my ideas with greater passion and conviction
    • Become a more effective listener and create better two-way dialogue
    • Think on my feet and respond effectively under pressure

    Self Confidence & Self Belief

    • Develop a greater belief in myself and my abilities to engage others
    • Feel more comfortable in difficult and challenging people situations
    • Get the right balance between assertive and aggressive
    • Stretch my comfort zone so that I can take on new challenges
    • Take more personal responsibility

    Emotional Resilience

    • Take control over my own attitude so that I remain positive and focused
    • Deal effectively with the pressure and stress of my job
    • Stay calm and in control when events become chaotic
    • Avoid procrastination and create more urgency in the workplace
    • Be happier all round, get more enjoyment, have more fun

    Delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance

    Provider: Dale Carnegie Training
    Location: Online via Webex Platform

    Dates: (8 x 3hr sessions delivered over 4 weeks)

    16th Nov & 18th Nov (9am – 12)

    23rd Nov & 25th Nov (9am – 12)

    30th Nov & 2nd Dec (9am – 12)

    7th Dec & 9th Dec  (9am – 12)

    Cost & Registration: Contact Zoe

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