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    Terms and Conditions

    Membership of the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) is subject to the following terms and conditions:

    • All applications are subject to approval by the NAA Board of Directors, who reserve the right to reject applications.
    • The NAA reserves the right to change the services offered to members without prior notification.
    • Membership will become effective upon acceptance of the application by the NAA Board and on payment of the membership fee, which will be confirmed in writing.
    • Membership is intended for employees of the named member company. Parent or other related companies are expected to join in their own right if employees of those companies wish to receive member benefits.
    • New members have a 14-day period in which to revoke membership and receive a full refund.
    • If you wish to terminate your membership, you should give 30 days’ notice and notify the NAA in writing.
    • Subscription fees are payable annually, and you will be automatically invoiced on the renewal date unless you notify the NAA you wish to terminate your membership.
    • Subscription fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to change without notice.

    Data Protection Act 2018

    In completing and returning the membership application to the NAA, you agree that your data may be stored in a suitable database to be used only within NAA for the following purposes:

    • Administration of the Membership Application
    • Send out relevant information for marketing purposes
    • Populating the NAA website from the company information provided (Please note that we will not publish individual contact details on our website without prior consent).
    • Marketing a member to potential customers.

    All data from the application form will not be disclosed or sold on to any third parties without permission.

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