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    Allan Wilson

    Board Member Pirelli Ltd's UK factories

    Allan Wilson is Engineering Manager for Pirelli Ltd’s UK factories. As Chief Engineer, he is responsible for the company’s physical assets and 120 people involved in investment projects, maintenance, facilities and energy services at Pirelli’s Carlisle and Burton on Trent sites.

    His wide international experience has been built up over 14 years in senior Production and Engineering positions including 4 years based in Italy where he had worldwide responsibility for Energy Services and Maintenance in Pirelli’s 22 factories.

    Born in Carlisle, he has been involved in some notable successes during this time, including the Carlisle site being awarded the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenence, TPM award for manufacturing excellence; the first time this prestigious award had been awarded to a UK factory, and only the second time outside Japan.

    Allan is a Director of the Cumbria Employment and Skills Board, Employer Advisor to Carlisle College and is board member of the Carlisle Economic Partnership.

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