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    Mike Brown

    Board Member University of Salford

    Mike has over 25 years experience in the engineering software industry working at the forefront of technology development and implementation in the digitalisation (Digital Twin) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of complex products, including the Rolls Royce Trent jet engine, the Learjet 45, the Airbus 380, and other Automotive and Aerospace & Defence projects.

    After moving into software R&D, Mike led the development of mutually beneficial partnerships, identifying and establishing successful partnerships and joint projects with government departments, industry & academic institutions, professional associations, and commercial organisations, from OEMs to SMEs, in multiple countries.

    In 2010 Mike joined Siemens (Industry Software) as Director of Academic Programmes with global responsibility for the creation, development, implementation, and management of the Siemens mainstream engineering academic programme aimed at implementing Industry 4.0 and associated technologies into academic partners.  After 7 years of growing the programme and building exceptional industry/academic partnerships, Mike joined the University of Salford in 2017 and serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships.

    Since joining the University Mike has been instrumental in developing and implementing industry-focused strategies, providing industry insight and direction, and identifying and establishing successful strategic partnerships across a wide range of industry sectors, with increasing emphasis on Sustainability and Climate Change mitigation & adaptation; a growing priority within industry partners.



    All board members
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