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Surface Transforms Plc

Surface Transforms is the UK’s leading manufacturer of `next-generation’ carbon fibre reinforced ceramic composite materials (CRFCs). We manufacture and supply carbon-ceramic brake discs and other components incorporating our patented ceramic material for a wide range of applications including automotive brakes, aircraft brakes and rocket components.

Through improvements in heat management made possible by our unique 3D matrix construction, our brake discs are smaller and lighter for any given application than Carbon-Ceramic discs produced by traditional methods.  This is achieved by improved thermal conductivity and an optimised cooling vent design which work together to efficiently transfer heat away from the friction face, resulting in improved performance and durability.

Unit 4,
Olympic Park,
Poole Hall Road
Ellesmere Port,
CH66 1ST

Tel                           0151 356 2141
Fax                          0151 356 7948
Web site       


Investing in England's North West - European Regional Development Fund
Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham