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    Hylomar Ltd

    Hylomar manufactures a range of performance adhesives and sealants used by original equipment manufacturers which includes

    • HYLO®SIL RTV silicone sealants,  automotive fluids resistant, high temperature, amine curing and non meko oxime curing systems
    • HYLO®FIX epoxy compounds,
    • HYLOMAR exhaust putty & paste,
    • HYLO®GRIP anaerobic gasket compounds, thread lockers, thread sealers and retainers,
    • HYLO®SEAL pre-applied sealants & adhesives for thread sealing, under head sealing and retaining applications
    • HYLO®GLUE instant adhesives,
    • HYLO®FLEX MS polymers,
    • HYLO®BOND structural adhesives,
    • HYLO®CLEAN aerosol cleaner,
    • HYLOTYTE® RED 100 water resistant semi-curing jointing compound
    • HYLOMAR® non-setting, automotive fluids resistant jointing compounds and solvent free HYLOMAR® Advanced Formulation (ideal for automated application).

    Hylomar is certified to the automotive standard TS16949 and ISO9001:2008 for the development and manufacture of adhesives and sealants.

















    Hylomar Ltd
    Cale Lane
    WN2 1JT
    Tel +44 1942 617000


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    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham