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    NAA Update: This is a bumper edition of your newsletter containing lots of important information that may offer significant benefits for your business – please take a few minutes to review the stories

    There have recently been many important automotive announcements, such as the launch of the Automotive Sector Strategy and the associated Advanced Propulsion Centre and the Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO), which are summarised below in this newsletter, along with the latest news that the new Bentley SUV is to be manufactured at Crewe with £800m investment […]

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    NAA Business Excellence Programme Update: Opportunities for Additional Business Excellence Members

    I’m delighted to welcome seven new members to the Business Excellence Programme, all of these companies have joined since June. Last month I reported that we had been successful in securing a £1.1 million extension to the Business Excellence Programme to June 2015 from the European Regional Development Fund. Prior to the extension we had […]

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    In the Driving Seat: Andrew Lyons, University of Liverpool

    Andrew Lyons, Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management, University of Liverpool, is a member of various institutions and has a number of other responsibilities, but we think that ‘visiting lecturer at the Universities of Grenoble & Valencia’ sounds like one of the more appealing duties… Read more Name Andrew Lyons Company University of Liverpool […]

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    NAA Member Company Profile: Optical 3D

    Optical 3D Limited is a Technical Illustration and 3D Animation company based in Nantwich. MD Tim Newbrook founded the company in 2002. As a qualified technical illustrator, Tim has a background in engineering principles and practice. He found that there was a huge gap between what generic creative agencies were producing for industry and the […]

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    NAA event review: Business Excellence Networking Meeting, Auto Marine Cables, Wednesday 10 July 2013

    Attendees at the NAA meeting at Auto Marine Cables were provided with a behind the scenes insight into the world of cables by the company’s Managing Director, Peter Hammond. The visit included an introduction to the company, its products and processes, with a focus on lean manufacturing and efficiency improvements. Peter Hammond explained how the […]

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