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NAA Member News – TISAX Standard for Automotive Businesses

NAA Member Raymond Mooney, PCQI, Business Development Manager at TÜV UK Limited, outlines the requirements and advantages of the TISAX Standard for automotive businesses. The automotive industry is a place where a significant amount of confidential information and data exists. For instance, a car manufacturer may share sensitive information with a supplier about a new […]

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NAA Member News: 3DGBIRE distributes Aquasys filaments

3DGBIRE is delighted to be exclusively distributing Aquasys® filaments across the UK and Ireland as part of the ever-growing industrial-standard material portfolio… Aquasys® 120 is a temperature-resistant, water-soluble support material that is now available to purchase, providing UK-based 3D print technicians with a new and superior option for their support material selection. “We are delighted […]

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NAA Member News: Britain’s brand new motorcycle company, Langen, launches the Two Stroke

Thrilling new British company, Langen Motorcycles, launched its eagerly-awaited new model, the Two Stroke, at the prestigious Salon Priv in September… The event was held at Blenheim Palace and was the first time the ground-breaking, two-stroke, road legal motorcycle had been seen in public. The Langen Two Stroke stands out from the crowd. It defies convention […]

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NAA Member News: Melo World diversifies to produce COVID-19 solutions

Melo World makes signage and communication boards for companies such as DHL and Jaguar Land Rover, but more recently has been helping to support businesses by providing COVID-19 solutions… Over the past few months, Melo World – based in Widnes, Cheshire – has created a range of COVID-19 products to help reopen businesses and protect their […]

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NAA Member News: Spark EV Technology joins Northern Automotive Alliance to expand opportunities for AI-based EV range prediction solutions

Spark’s patented range prediction products use data from the vehicle, driver, route and atmospherics to confirm whether a driver can complete a journey given the battery’s current state of charge (SOC)… In real-world trials it delivers accuracy to within 1-2 km, outperforming all manufacturer systems it has been tested against. Through more accurate predictions Spark […]

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