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    BE NAA Member Company Profile: Torotrak

    January 9th 2014 marked a very important day for two small but highly innovative companies, over 150 miles apart. This was the day that Leyland resident Torotrak plc completed its purchase of Silverstone-based Flybrid Automotive Ltd. The purchase will expand the Torotrak Group’s capability to offer cutting-edge solutions to the automotive industry’s fuel economy problems

    The involvement between the two SME technology developers began earlier in 2013, when Torotrak purchased 20% of Flybrid’s business. This marked the beginning of a synergy between the two companies which is now helping to support their joint growth and productivity. Each company brings unique expertise and considerable IP value in patented novel technologies for fuel saving, and together they offer a range of complimentary products each offering huge potential in their target markets.

    Whilst the Torotrak name is synonymous with variable ratio transmissions, with its CVT and IVT technologies well respected in the commercial vehicle and off-highway markets, the other card in the hand is an innovative variable supercharging unit called V-Charge. Ideally placed for downsized engines or performance applications, the fully adaptive boost system gives the driver the torque response of a more powerful, naturally aspirated engine, regardless of engine speed.

    Flybrid’s core technology is a flywheel-based (fully mechanical) hybrid system, which offers a low-cost, high performance and durable alternative to electric hybrids for a wide variety of vehicle applications. The Silverstone company is currently working with Wrightbus to bring to market a flywheel hybrid bus, looking to offer class-leading fuel economy, with relatively little add-on cost for the operator.

    Like its parent Torotrak, Flybrid is set up to offer full service product development, from bespoke concept design to low-volume manufacture in the UK. As such, the newly-expanded Group has much to offer to the world of automotive and beyond. To optimise communication between the two sites, and strengthen the connection with newly-acquired Flybrid, the Group now shares a board of directors, with representatives from both Torotrak and Flybrid. Torotrak is also supporting Flybrid in developing new facilities, capabilities and shared resources wherever possible. Both Torotrak and Flybrid work with an extensive network of suppliers in their local areas, and are also expanding their in-house manufacturing capabilities to enable low-volume productionisation of key products over the next 12-18 months.

    For more information contact Torotrak:
    Tel: +44 (0)1772 900900

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