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    Benefits of being an NAA member: Oaktec

    There are many companies that have gained numerous benefits from being members of the Northwest Automotive Alliance. One such company is Oaktec – find out why

    Paul Andrews, owner of Oaktec, explains how the NAA has helped to transform his business: “Oaktec is a small technology innovation business in the low carbon transport powertrain sector. We had struggled to access funding to develop our technologies that we knew had strong commercial potential, and in particular to access TSB grant funding schemes. Through the Business Excellence programme, Carol and the team at the NAA gave us dedicated time and support both in the writing of funding applications and in forming a strategy to enable us to create a sustainable innovation business.

    “This intervention by the NAA was very successful and has enabled us to become well established and very successful within the UK’s growing innovation and R&D sector. We now have ongoing support available from the NAA as our successful R&D projects progress towards commercialisation and manufacture and in other areas such as my recent discussion with Carol Holden regarding employment of an apprentice. There is no doubt that the NAA has been pivotal to the growth of our business.”

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