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    Celebrating Successful Women in Engineering

    The ‘SIMULATION TOOLS FOR RAPID INNOVATION IN VEHICLE ENGINEERING’ (STRIVE) PROJECT, set out three years ago to facilitate a step change in UK automotive manufacturing and create a new digital supply chain to the industry.  A collaborative project involving the NAA, Virtual Engineering Centre, Optis, Valuechain and Bentley Motors is coming to its conclusion.   Find out about 2 of the Women who have been instrumental in its success.

    GM WIEDName:                 Dr Gillian Murray
    Company:           Virtual Engineering Centre
    Position:              Director

    How did you get to this position?
    A long story – a degree in Chemistry, Industrial Technology and Economics at University of York, a year in industry and then a PhD in collaboration with EA Technology at UMIST (Chemical Engineering). After several years in R&D I moved to manufacturing to design and commission new equipment for a range of global clients. In 2005 I jointed the University of Liverpool where I have worked in a variety of roles from Business Management, IP commercialisation to my current role as Director of the VEC.

    What is the best thing about your job?
    Working with leading scientist from the University and engineers from industry creates a vibrant and exciting working environment. We strive to address difficult global challenges and transform businesses through access to innovation. Always being at the cutting edge of innovation and technology creates great opportunities.

    What would you change if you could?
    I would like to see more women within an engineering environment so anything I can do to support this is important. It would also be nice to have more time to reflect and plan – I am sure my team would agree with that comment also.

    What have you got from being involved in the STRIVE project?
    The STRIVE project has been a fantastic collaboration, seeing the early vision translate into practical tools and techniques that are now getting adopted is very rewarding.

    What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?
    “Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it and remember determination wins through – the people who told me no were the people who eventually told me yes.”

    SS WIEDName:                 Senga Shufflebotham
    Company:           Bentley Motor
    Position:              Technical Project Manager

    How did you get to this position?
    Completed a 4 year mechanical engineering apprenticeship with General Electric. Included the completion of Joint Honours Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Manufacturing and Business Studies. Became interested in projects as a Black Belt Six Sigma Engineer. Moved to Bentley in 2001 as a Project Engineer. Specialising in Manufacturing Feasibility my experience at Bentley has covered Dimensional Management and Virtual Assurance. Being the functional Manager for Virtual Assurance gave me the opportunity to be involved in the Strive Project in 2013.

    What is the best thing about your job?
    The constant interaction with many departments across the business, both within Bentley and across the VW Group. I love to be involved in the development and implementation of a business strategy change to move towards Virtual Immersive Manufacturing tools. Aids with the design for manufacturing improvements within the early project phases.

    What would you change if you could?
    More time to continue with the involvement of the Virtual tools

    What have you got from being involved in the STRIVE project?
    Improved knowledge of Virtual tools and an extensive knowledge of the possible applications for the automotive industry. Not just for manufacturing but across the business.

    What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?
    Never give up and there is always more than one way to resolve an issue/ problem


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