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    In the Driving Seat: Jonathan Wood, Executive Director – Research and Engineering, Cummins Ltd

    To tie in with this month’s NAA Networking visit to Cummins Turbo Technologies, here’s your chance to find out more about Jonathan Wood, Executive Director – Research and Engineering, Cummins Ltd…

    Jonathan Wood

    Cummins Ltd

    Executive Director – Research and Engineering

    Apart from that
    Chartered Engineer, MEng, 6Sigma Green Belt certified

    Association with NAA
    Nothing just yet but as a market leader in the automotive industry we look at this as the beginning

    Married with two boys (8 and 10), living in Holmfirth

    Favourite football team
    Manchester United (although I prefer Formula 1)

    Musical performer
    Wide range of musical taste depending on my mood… Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Paul Weller to name a few.

    The Godfather: Part II

    “Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles” by Bernard Cornwell, but also like “Rebus” series

    Best motoring moment
    I am passionate about classic cars and spend much of my spare time keeping my MG and Porsche 911 running smoothly. For me, when I have resolved a quirky problem which has required a somewhat unconventional solution, I love then being able to take the car out onto the hills around Huddersfield when it is running at optimal performance.

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?
    When choosing your role, pick something you really love to do. Do it with enjoyment and be prepared to do the things that nobody else wants to do. Chase fulfillment and success will follow.

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