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    Event Review: NAA Members Networking Event, mi Technology, 23 September 2014

    At this recent visit, NAA Members learnt about mi Technology and the exciting developments since it became part of the CSA Group… Read more

    mi Technology in Leyland hosted the recent NAA Members Networking Event on the 23rd September.

    At a 100% attended event, NAA members were treated to an insight into the history, capability and exciting developments at mi Technology since it was acquired in October 2013 by the CSA Group, a leading global provider of product certification and testing services.

    Dr Paul Wilkinson (Global Business Unit Director Automotive / Transportation) presented with passion and enthusiasm about the organisation and opened the door to the testing facilities on site, including equipment not found anywhere else in Europe.

    The site tour showcased the breadth of testing capability that mi Technology uses to support a wide variety of sectors, including automotive (passenger/premium brand/sports/commercial/off-road vehicle), rail, aerospace and greentech.

    The group witnessed various testing methods using automated/robotic systems/manual testing processes – even the testing of premium brand car seats using simulated robots fitted with Levi’s 501 jeans to test durability! A highlight of the tour included a semi-anechoic chamber that can accommodate a double-decker bus!

    mi Technology has a number of unique selling points:

    • Largest independent automotive structural test capability in the UK (and one of the biggest in Europe) – and the only lab in Europe capable of doing hot multi-axis testing on Euro 6 exhaust systems
    • Leader in testing of electric motors/generators for traction applications – and their associated power electronics
    • Europe’s leading independent automotive seat laboratory
    • UK’s largest independent semi-anechoic chassis dynamometer
    • Unique heavy duty axle efficiency test rig
    • 11 MW electrical supply

    To end the event, NAA CEO Carol Holden once again gave a positive update in relation to the NAA and future events with a key message – we want/need member feedback in relation to all our external-facing activities.

    The event generated much positive feedback, such as from Peter Carter at Camcoat: “A very interesting visit to a leading testing facility. I was most impressed with the range of testing capabilities and the variety of rigs. The North West automotive industry is fortunate to have this facility on its doorstep. I was particularly interested to see the latest developments in engine test cells compared to those in use when I was working as an R&D engineer at Perkins Engines in the 1960s. Thanks to Paul Wilkinson and his team for their efforts to make this visit a success.”

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