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    Funding Event: TSB launches Technology-inspired innovation competition for feasibility studies; Briefing event – 21 February 2013, London. Also: Technology challenge in low carbon vehicles

    The TSB has launched a £2m competition for technical feasibility studies across four key areas: advanced materials; biosciences; electronics, sensors and photonics; and information and communications technology. There’s also the Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform Integrated Delivery Programme Competition 9… Read more

    Technology-inspired innovation competition for feasibility studies

    The four key areas above have been identified as key enabling technologies that will likely underpin the development of high-value products and services that could meet market needs across all market sectors. The TSB aims to use the competition to support those projects that have the potential to have a significant, positive impact on economic growth in the UK.

    Of particular interest to members will be the scope of both the advanced materials, and electronics, sensors, photonics sections. Lightweight, environmentally friendly, nano-technology enabled materials are all in scope, as are materials for cheaper, more efficient energy storage, energy transmission and energy distribution. On the electronics, photonics and electrical systems side intelligent sensor systems, imaging, wireless sensing and autonomous systems are included as are devices and systems for efficiently converting and controlling electricity consumption.

    The competition is only open to small and micro-sized companies, working either singly or collaboratively with another partner. The TSB expects projects will last up to four months and funding to not exceed £33,000.


    • 18 February – Competition opens
    • 21 February – Briefing event will held in London
    • 27 March – Registration deadline
    • 3 April – Application deadline

    For more information contact Carol.

    Technology challenge in low carbon vehicles

    The Technology Strategy Board, in partnership with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, is investing up to £16.5m in highly innovative collaborative R&D projects within low carbon vehicles that aim to achieve significant cuts in CO2 from road transport. The technology challenges have been defined by the Automotive Council and are based around the following four technology areas:

    • internal combustion engines
    • energy storage and energy management
    • electric machines and power electronics
    • lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures.

    Projects must be industry led and include one lead partner and at least two project partners. Companies working outside the automotive sector that can bring technical expertise and knowledge to a consortium are particularly welcome. We expect total project costs to be between £1m and £5m. Projects are expected to last between 24 and 36 months. This competition opens on 18 February 2013. The deadline for applicant registration is at noon on 27 March 2013 and the deadline for applications is at noon on 3 April 2013. A briefing event will be held on 26 February 2013, and a networking event to facilitate consortia-building for this competition will be held on 27 November 2012 at the Motor Heritage Centre at Gaydon. idp/events

    More information
    To apply for this competition you must first register with us. You can do this by going to our web page for this competition at under Competitions. When you register you will get access to all the supporting information you need to read before you apply, including the Guidance for Applicants and the application form.

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