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    Funding News: The Niche Vehicle R&D Competition is now open; forms can be requested until 3 June

    The Niche Vehicle R&D Competition is providing a grant pot of up to £1.35m for niche vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and technology organisations who wish to collaborate on innovative, industry-led projects focussing on developing and demonstrating vehicle or system level road-vehicle technology in the categories of Improved Fuel Efficiency & Carbon Reduction and Weight Reduction & Recyclability.

    Projects must be industry led, aim to support the growth and competitiveness of the independent niche vehicle sector and demonstrate the developed technology at either vehicle or system level.

    The first step to applying for grant funding is to submit a request for an Application Pack and a unique project identification number from

    Application forms can be requested until 1200 on the 3rd June.

    On receipt of the Application Pack, please read it through thoroughly and contact if you have any queries.

    The Application Pack consists of:
    Guidance Notes
    The guidance notes are there to provide a background to the R&D programme and should be used as a point of reference while completing your application.

    Application Form in MS Word
    The application form consists of 10 sections, each of which should be completed.  When completing your application form, be concise, but remember to include as much information as possible.  During the assessment process the assessors are not obliged to give you the benefit of the doubt, nor do they have time to undertake additional research.

    Project Financials Form
    The project financials form consists of 9 sections, and is used to provide a breakdown of your project costs, grant application and project plan.  Please ensure you complete all worksheets (as applicable).

    Collaboration Agreement
    The Collaboration Agreement should be sent to all project partners for their signature, as this will form an essential part of the project contracting process and ensures that all partners are fully signed up to delivering the project.

    Your final proposal should be sent to by Midnight on the 7th July.

    Late proposals will not be accepted – no exceptions.

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham