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    Future electric vehicle battery production – invitation to partner

    The University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Engineering is leading an industrial consortium bidding for funding to develop an innovative pilot production line for complete ULEV battery production. The pilot line will produce a variety of different battery types and will provide know-how for scale-up for future high-volume production. The venture will deploy small batches of production-quality high-voltage traction batteries into ultra low emission vehicles. This unique UK facility will benefit from £10m of funding from InnovateUK.

    The University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Engineering provides globally leading research in the field of ULEV batteries including novel cell electrochemistry (e.g. Professor Peter Hall) and battery control systems with validation and testing (e.g. Professor David Stone). The University has recently been awarded the national centre for training highly skilled engineers in this field, the “EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and its Applications” and received funds for creation of world-leading facilities for battery management and testing raging from single cells to high-voltage MW facilities.

    For more information about the competition see:

    If you are interested in partnering on this project please contact Dr. Neil Lowrie, Business Development Manager, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Sheffield

    Tel: 0114 222 5506

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham