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    In the Driving Seat: Christofer Ratcliffe, Brace Technology

    Christofer Ratcliffe from Brace Technology is normally immersed in all things motorcycles, but car enthusiasts will be pleased to see that Christofer’s best motoring moment involves a TVR Speed 12…

    Christofer Ratcliffe

    Brace Technology


    Apart from that
    Member of Motorcycle Industry Association. STEM Ambassador

    Association with NAA
    Collaborative partner with NAA on a Niche Vehicle Network Production Readiness project to develop a modular configurable battery system. Previous member of NAA whilst at CCM Motorcycles.

    Why did you join the NAA?
    To collaborate with UK based automotive companies as a partner, customer or supplier.

    Outdoor adventures with the family. Every aspect of motorcycles, trail riding, rallies, track days, touring and tinkering. Long time sax player in bands ranging from Swing, jazz, rock, ska and crooners.

    Favourite football team
    The mighty Wigan Warriors Ruby League

    Musical performer
    Impossible to say without leaving anyone out. As a sax player I really admire the late, great Clarence Clemens.

    Forest Gump is the only film I can watch over and over. ‘On any Sunday’ for motorcycle inspiration.

    Difficult, but having only read children’s books through to the end for the last 7 years it would have to be the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    Best motoring moment
    Tentatively reversing a TVR Speed 12 off the race truck as an apprentice engineer.

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?
    Surround yourself with people who are more intelligent and more skilled than yourself.

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