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    In the Driving Seat: Ewan Baldry, Technical Director, Ginetta Cars

    Following the NAA’s recent visit to Ginetta, here’s your chance to find out more about Ewan Baldry, Technical Director, Ginetta Cars…

    Ewan Baldry

    Ginetta Cars

    Technical Director

    Apart from that
    Members of the Motorsport Industry Association (we won Business of the Year at their Awards in January) and Niche Vehicle Network

    Association with NAA
    Have been aware of and have dealt with the NAA for over ten years. My first contact was when Neil was at the helm.

    Why did you join the NAA?
    It is clear that the NAA has a broad network and can assist in many ways. In particular, with Carol, I have tended to find it is a case of ‘ask and you will receive’.

    I used to do loads of things but now I have kids and so life is over!!! Joking aside, I really enjoy spending time with my two boys who are involved in all kinds of sports and activities. I enjoy playing golf, cycling swimming and running from time to time.

    Favourite football team
    Tough one – having spent the last few years living in the Ribble Valley, the boys and myself had season tickets at Blackburn Rovers. Since moving to Harrogate last year we have given Elland Road a try and even Harrogate Town. To be frank, I just enjoy the day out of going to matches and so don’t have a massive loyalty to a team.

    Musical performer
    The album I have listened to the most is Dubnobasswithmyheadman by Underworld – trying to hang onto my youth. This was the anthem of my time at University.

    True Romance – must have watched it over 20 times. I am very lucky, I can watch a film and then watch it again 6 months later and it is as though I have never seen it before. Having seen True Romance so many times, I can just about remember the plot.

    I like things like Brave New World, 1984, that sort of stuff.

    Best motoring moment
    My greatest memory will always be seeing the first car I designed and built, the Juno SS1, drive away under its own steam for the first time. To start with raw materials and turn them into a car and seeing that car move is a very rewarding.

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?
    When I Ieft Williams F1 to start Juno (my first business) Patrick Head said to me “Work out how much you think it will cost, work out how long you think it will take – double both and if it still makes sense, go ahead and build it.” People involved in racing MUST be optimists, you would never do it if you weren’t a ‘glass half full’ kind of person – however a reality check is important if you are going to last the distance.

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