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    In the Driving Seat: Jamie Farrar-Armiger, SME Industry Engagement Manager, Centre for Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University

    Find out about Jamie Farrar-Armiger, SME Industry Engagement Manager, Centre for Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University, including the ‘Wayne Rooney-effect’…


    Jamie Farrar-Armiger


    Centre for Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University


    SME Industry Engagement Manager

    Apart from that

    MMU Department of Engineering Industry Advisory Board

    Association with NAA

    We have been members of the NAA for around 6 months. I’ve attended a number of the networking events on behalf of Manchester Met and it is clear that the NAA members all share common business interests and challenges. This makes for interesting conversations and valuable connections!

    Why did you join the NAA?

    We joined NAA to learn about the challenges that industry is facing and to share information about our programmes that are built for SMEs. We utilise our university knowledge, research, networks and industry insights to help businesses grow, evolve and innovate.

    Favourite football team

    I was a football referee from the age of 14-16 so any passion that I previously had for the sport was shouted (screamed!) out of me by the parents of the would-be Wayne Rooneys. 

    Musical performer

    I love music and so this is a hard one to answer, but I have always had a lot of respect for Paul McCartney, especially after watching the Get Back documentary last year.


    This is always changing, but I am a big fan of There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis.


    I read far less than I would like to say I do, but my favourite book is The Presentation Of Self In Everyday Life by Erving Goffman. It changed the way I view people in everyday situations.

    Best motoring moment

    Passing my driving test! What a feeling!!!

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?

    Never be afraid to ask a question when you don’t know the answer!

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