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    In the Driving Seat: Lee Parnell, Managing Director, Preston Technical Ltd

    Lee Parnell is Managing Director of Preston Technical Ltd when he’s not supervising three kids and an elderly dog…


    Lee Parnell


    Preston Technical Ltd


    Managing Director

    Apart from that

    Manufacturers Alliance

    Association with NAA

    We have been involved with the NAA on and off for many years, I recently took part in the first cohort of the Peer Networking programme which I can very much recommend.

    Why did you join the NAA?

    To gain further insight into the UK automotive supply chain. To network with other businesses/people.


    Married, three children (12, 10, 6), 13 year old Border Terrier with arthritis and diabetes! With the kids’ football/roller skating/netball etc that keeps me busy. Enjoy walking, watching football and meeting/engaging with people.

    Favourite football team

    Bolton Wanderers

    Musical performer

    Pink Floyd


    Pulp Fiction


    Dice Man, Luke Rhinehart

    Best motoring moment

    Driving a Formula Ford at 3 Sisters Circuit, Wigan. Or my recent Tesla Model 3 delivery.

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?

    Two books by Simon Sinek, Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last, changed my outlook on being a leader.

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