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    In the Driving Seat: Matthew Wassall, Wearwell Europe Ltd

    Find out about Matthew Wassall, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Wearwell Europe Ltd, who we believe is the first person to be the subject of our ‘In the Driving Seat’ feature to list two favourite football teams (we’ll have to check if that’s allowed).


    Matthew Wassall


    Wearwell Europe Ltd


    UK & Ireland Sales Manager 

    Apart from that 

    Northeast Automotive Alliance, Guidepoint Industry Advisor 

    Association with NAA

    New member, but have been following the NAA for 2-3 years. 

    Why did you join the NAA?

    Wearwell has a strong connection and history with the automotive industry globally. In the UK, we are aiming for increased interaction with all the major OEMs and the tier supply chain. As the category leader in industrial anti-fatigue matting, we want to showcase our innovative products via the NAA.


    Live with Hannah, play tennis and football in the Cheshire veterans league. 

    Favourite football team

    2! Everton & Shrewsbury Town. 

    Musical performer

    Oasis during the 90’s 


    Casino Royale 


    The Secret Race (Tyler Hamilton), The Chimp Paradox (Steve Peters) 

    Best motoring moment

    Jenson Button winning the F1 Championship in 2009. 

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?

    “Keep calling out” even when you’re incredibly busy and have no to spare time, find the time to keep speaking with your customers.

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    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham