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    In the Driving Seat: Mike Brown, Director of Strategic Partnerships, The University of Salford

    Mike Brown says he’s still waiting for his best motoring moment, so any NAA members who can help are welcome to do so…

    Mike Brown

    The University of Salford

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Association with NAA
    The University of Salford became an official member of the NAA in January 2020. Common interests: working to help the regional automotive industries and businesses innovate and be successful.

    Why did you join the NAA?
    My role is to develop mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with industry.  Membership of the Northern Automotive Alliance provides the perfect environment to improve, grow and strengthen the University’s engagement with the Automotive industry in the areas of emerging technologies such as Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and EVs, and we share the NAA’s goals to grow and develop industry-leading activity in the region.

    Interests include Formula 1 and the cinema

    Favourite football team
    Don’t do football. The only teams I follow/support are McLaren and Red Bull.

    Musical performer
    Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Tears for Fears, New Order

    Some Like It Hot, The Life of Brian, The Blues Brothers, Animal House, Ironman, the new Star Trek movies, Star Wars, the list goes on…

    Jack Reacher and most of the Tom Sharpe books.

    Best motoring moment
    Still waiting

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?
    The Golden Circle (Simon Sinek), and be straight, honest and truthful, and strictly no BS.

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham