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    In the Driving Seat: Paul Clarke, Automotive Comms & Green Car Guide

    Paul Clarke, Director of Automotive Comms and Founder & Editor of Green Car Guide, has been editing your NAA e-newsletter since 2011, and apparently it’s now time for an updated In the Driving Seat! (and keep reading for complimentary event tickets).


    Paul Clarke


    Automotive Comms & Green Car Guide


    Director of Automotive Comms; Founder & Editor of Green Car Guide

    Association with NAA 

    Have provided marketing and communication support to the NAA since 2011, ranging from editing the e-news every month to providing design of communication materials such as websites, leaflets and exhibition stands for NAA projects. 

    Why did you join the NAA?

    Automotive Comms specialises in providing marketing and communication direction and consultancy for zero emission automotive, so I have worked with companies around the UK that want to take advantage of business opportunities from the move to electric vehicles. Being based in the North West, I would like to see automotive companies in the region also benefitting from these opportunities. On that note, if you want to see the very latest EVs in the metal, including models that aren’t supposed to be in the UK yet, as well as see the leading businesses in the EV space, contact Paul Clarke for complimentary business tickets to Fully Charged LIVE North at Harrogate 19-21 May: read the Fully Charged LIVE South event review here


    Married with two daughters; the two daughters have also resulted in two dogs, one cat, two guinea pigs and variable numbers of fish. Live in Altrincham but try to spend as much time as possible in the Lake District. 

    Favourite football team

    Running two businesses, a family and the various pets = no time to follow sports such as football… 

    Musical performer

    Last time I did the ‘In the Driving Seat’ I said Queen; today I would add many others, top of the list would be Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Coldplay.


    Lots, but nothing still beats The Lord of the Rings (same as last time)


    Lots, but nothing still beats The Lord of the Rings (same as last time)

    Best motoring moment

    I’ve been very fortunate to have been sent a brand new press car to test by all the manufacturers for the last 17 years since starting Green Car Guide, including every electric car that’s ever been on sale in the UK (they’re all here: – so every week is a best motoring moment…

    Best business advice you’ve ever received?

    Because we spend so much of our time working, do something you enjoy – and if it helps to save the planet, even better.

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