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    Industry Event: Make UK Carbon Conference: Abate and Compensate, 14 November, Westminster

    Explore how offsetting your unavoidable emissions could be a viable option for you to advance your net zero progress.

    Carbon Conference: Abate and Compensate 

    14 November, Westminster / 13:30 – 17:30

    Join Make UK and ICE at Broadway House, Westminster on the 14 November for an in-person event to support manufacturers and other companies in making decisions regarding purchasing nature-based carbon sequestration projects with real confidence around integrity and value.

    Businesses play a key role in achieving our global climate targets. The net zero by 2050 goal is enshrined in UK law and organisations motivated to progress with net zero will unlock major economic and financial opportunities. 

    Make UK in partnership with Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) are launching a first-in-kind joint event on voluntary carbon offsets, providing manufacturers with access to the best global research, advice and specialist environmental projects. 

    This event is aimed at any business, small or large, seeking to advance on their net zero pathway and will help in making decisions regarding purchasing nature-based carbon sequestration projects with real confidence around integrity and value. Attendance is ideally suited for anyone in an environmental, sustainability, finance, or purchasing role.


    • 13:30 Refreshments & Networking 
    • 14:00 The Imperative – Stephen Phipson CBE, CEO, Make UK 
    • 14:10 How can UK companies help lead the world in the mitigation of climate risk and deliver a net zero pathway? Nigel Topping (CMG, Business Champion for the UK Climate Change Committee, former UN Climate Change High-Level champion) & Gordon Bennett, Managing Director, ICE
    • 14:30 Panel: How to measure carbon footprints and why compensation may drive the best abatement
      • Girish Narula, Head of Sustainable Finance, ICE
      • Guy Turner, Founder and CEO, Trove Research
      • Dr Mirabelle Muûls, Associate Professor in Economics & Co-Director of the Hitachi-Imperial Centre for Decarbonisation and Natural Climate Solutions, Imperial College Business School 
      • John MacArthur, Visiting Professor Net Zero Energy Transition, Imperial College (Moderator)
    • 13:10 Panel: How to get comfortable compensating through investing in carbon credits
      • Tommy Ricketts, Co-Founder & CEO, BeZero Carbon
      • Ed Mitchard, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Space Intelligence
      • Clive de Ruig, President, ICE Benchmark Administration
      • Brazilian Carbon Markets Initiative – TBC
      • Steve George, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability Manager, Numatic International
      • Brigitte Amoruso, Sr Energy Climate Change policy lead, Make UK (moderator)
    • 13:50 Coffee Break 
    • 16:00 – Examples of high quality scientifically validated carbon credits
    • 17:20 How to buy the best credits here and now: Permian Global Auction
    • 17:30 – Event Close / Networking Drinks

    Book here: Carbon Conference: Abate and Compensate Tickets, Tue 14 Nov 2023 at 13:30 | Eventbrite

    About our partners 

    The Intercontinental Exchange “ICE”, operates the world’s leading Commodity & Energy Exchange, running its global Carbon business out of London, and is authorised by the UK Government to run the UK Carbon Compliance market.

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham